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Bermuda Sod comes in 500 sqft pallets. We are going to go over a few quick pro tips as to why now is the best time to purchase and roll out your sod. 1) Save Money Post Installation - Cooler temperatures at night and also during the day allow for better water retention. This means … Continue reading Bermuda Sod Supply | | 918.928.2631


Fall Holiday Yard Prep Pro-Tips |

500 SqFt Bermuda Sod6 Hours of Sunlight Do you have spots in your yard that died from from extreme heat and drought this summer? Do you want to make sure your yard is back to normal before the holiday season kicks in? Healthy turf adds curb appeal and keeps mud and dirt off guest invited … Continue reading Fall Holiday Yard Prep Pro-Tips |

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500 SqFt of Bermuda Sod6 Hours Of Sunlight Per Day Required sod delivery near me | grass delivery near me | order sod near me | sod delivery and installation Tulsa OklahomaBroken Arrow OklahomaCoweta Oklahoma Did you just have a pool built or completing building a new home? Do you have a need for sod … Continue reading Bermuda Sod Current Pricing |