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Residential Sod Pricing

Need Current Sod Pricing?

Call 918.928.2631 for current residential sod installation or sod delivery pricing. Request a free installation estimate below.

Residential Sod Pricing – Bermuda Sod, Zoysia Sod, Fescue Sod

How Does Sod Pricing Work?:
The cost of sod depends on the kind of sod you are looking to purchase and also the volume.

How Do I Save Money on Sod?:
Wholesale sod pricing starts at 10,000 square feet.

How Should I Measure My Yard For Sod?:
Sod is sold in square feet.

What Can Sod Be Used For?

  • Flip Homes
  • Homes For Sale
  • Stop/ Prevent Erosion
  • Safety Reasons
  • Curb Appeal
  • New Home Construction
  • New Pool Construction
  • Muddy Bare Spots
  • Pets
  • Children’s Play Areas

What Kind of Sod Does Quantum Sod Install and Deliver?

  • Bermuda Sod
  • Fescue Sod
  • Zoysia Sod

Should I Install The Sod or Let A Professional?

We have customers that install the sod themselves, and we also have customers that prefer a sod professional to help them out from beginning to end. No matter your skill level we can help you get your sod job done.

Each pallet weighs 2,000 pounds. If you are looking to pick up or install yourself make sure you have a plan to get the materials moved.

Sod can be used for patchwork in your yard, stoping and preventing erosion, curb appeal for home sales and flip homes, and great ground cover to prevent mud on your property.

Whether you just installed a pool, moved into a new home, or lived in the same home for 20 years. Sod can instantly add more functionality to your property and also make your yard safer for your children to play in.

Customers looking to purchase over 10,000 square feet will greatly benefit from our wholesale and contractor pricing.

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