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Bermuda Sod loves cooler weather, freezing and just above freezing temperatures provide additional moisture in the soil. Bermuda grass installation done during winter months will get established easier and you will have to water less which will save you money on the backend. Once the sodding is complete water your yard according to what your sod professional recommends. Grass prices vary based on supply. Bermuda sod lawn installation can be scheduled year round based on needs. Bermuda sod is very drought tolerant grass and will do well in most conditions where 6 plus hours of sunlight are present. If you are looking to install Bermuda sod by yourself for a DIY project remember; each pallet of Bermuda sod weighs about 2k pounds. If you are looking to install multiple pallets or over 500 SqFt you might want to consider hiring a professional. “Turf rolls” or sod rolls can be purchased individually, by the pallet, half pallet, and truckload.

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