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January is a great month to have sod installed. January provides additional moisture and cooler temperatures your sod is going to love. If you have unwanted bare spots in your yard that turn muddy and create additional messes inside. January is the time to fix those! You will save considerable money watering in your yard during fall and winter months as you will have to water less. We are going to give you a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your 500 Square feet of sod.

1) Measure the area you are looking to sod in square feet – Sod is sold by square feet once you know that number you are ready to call for pricing.

2) Delivery will cost – If you do not have a truck capable of carrying the sod you are looking to purchase you can check oklahomasoddelivery.wordpress.com for more information on sod delivery

3) Install you sod within 48 hours – Once you pick up your sod or your sod arrives at your home you need to get the sod installed. You can do this or you can have a professional crew do this either way get your sod installed within 48 hours.

4) Check the forecast – Heavy rains make it harder to cut sod. Weather can and will affect all sodding activities so make sure you have a plan for your project.

5) Water 15 minutes once a day when the sun is not out – This will help your sod to absorb and use as much moisture as possible.

6) Clear the area of sticks and debris before installation – You want to make dirt on dirt contact for best results.

7) Do not till yard – This creates air pockets that makes it harder for the sod to take root.

If you are interested in sod delivery or sod installation please call for pricing or click here. Purchase pallets of sod below in 3 easy steps.

❶ Select Your Type of Grass
❷ Complete Your Purchase
❸ Call 918.928.2631 to verify order and schedule material pick up.

Bermuda Sod

● Requires 6+ Hours/ Day of Sunlight
● Drought Resistent
$165 for 500 Square Feet

500 SqFt Bermuda Sod Pallet

500 SqFt Bermuda Sod Pallet


Buy now

Fescue Sod

● Requires 4+ Hours/ Day of Sunlight
● Green All Year
$275 for 500 Square Feet

500 SqFt Fescue Sod Pallet

500 SqFt Fescue Sod Pallet


Buy now

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