Benefits of Winter Sod Installation – Tulsa Winter Sod Installation – Broken Arrow Sod Installation

Tulsa Oklahoma
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
Coweta Oklahoma

Do your children always bring unwanted dirt into the house after playing in the yard? Do you have a yard that turns to mud every time it rains? Do you have erosion issues that seem to get worse and worse? Do you have exposed tree roots in your lawn due to erosion? Do you have areas of your lawn you cant get grass to grow? We are going to cover a few quick facts to help you understand the benefits of winter sod installation.

1) Sod Loves Getting Established During The Winter – Winter months burn off less moisture from the ground during the day.

2) Save Money By Installing Now – After installation, you will be required to water. Less of the water you spend on your grass after installation will be burned off during daytime heat. Install during the winter months to save big post installation!

3) Sod Makes Your Yard Safer For Children To Play – Could you imagine football players or soccer players playing on dirt or mud? Not only would there be more injuries but the stadiums would have a much harder time keeping dirt in place. Keep your kids safe and ready to play but making sure they have proper turf to catch their falls and also help them have the best traction to play safely.

4) Sod Prevents Erosion – Erosion occurs when exposed topsoil or dirt is washed away from your property by precipitation. Sod’s roots hold topsoil into place keeping your foundation safe and roots buried.



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