Contractor Sod Pricing – Builder Sod Pricing – Wholesale Sod Pricing – 10,000 – 40,000 Square Feet Orders⠀

Tulsa Oklahoma⠀
Broken Arrow Oklahoma⠀
Coweta Oklahoma⠀
Jenks Oklahoma⠀
Bixby Oklahoma⠀

Do you have a need for sod on your property or jobsite? Did you just get done building a home or finishing construction of a new pool? We understand how hard it can be and how important it is to get fresh green sod on time. Weather, Timing and schedules often impact the ability to produce fast turn around on sod delivery and sod installation. Whether you need your sod delivered to your ‘hub’ for your trucks to deliver or if you need the sod delivered directly to your jobsite we provide both. We streamline everything for your and offer pricing based on purchase volume and purchase frequency. To Learn more about our contractor clubs and get current pricing call or visit⠀

Live in Tulsa and Need more than 10,000 square feet of sod and want to learn more for free? Visit or call


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