Pallet of Sod Delivered to Jenks | Grass Sod Delivery in Bixby | Sod Near Me Delivered in Tulsa

● Tulsa Oklahoma
● Jenks Oklahoma
● Bixby Oklahoma

Did you just have a home built and need more than 10,000 square feet of sod installed on your property? We are going to cover a few quick sod pro tips to help you prepare to have sod installed.

❶ Complete Dirt Work, Drains, and Sprinklers Before Sod Crew Shows Up.

❷ Be Prepared to Water Post Installation

❸ Sod Is Installed Year Round

» To learn more about wholesale sod pricing for large orders visit  www.TulsaSod.Online or call 918.928.2631.

» See more about what sod has to offer on our Instagram

» Don’t use social media? Listen to our podcast to learn more about how sod can benefit your property.


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