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Do you live in Oklahoma and possibly have a need for zoysia on your property? We are going to cover a few facts about zoysia sod that will help you to make an educated decision.

  1. Zoysia sod only needs 5.5 hours to live – Have and area of your yard that is not full sunlight? Zoysia sod will help you maintain a full yard with as little as 5.5 hours of sunlight.
  2. Zoysia sod grows very slowly – When planted zoysia sod takes 2 years to sprout. Zoysia sod does reseed its self and will spread very slowly.
  3. Zoysia Sod is sold in 400 Square foot pallets – Zoysia sod unlike other sod types is sold in 400 square foot pallets.
  4. Zoysia Sod comes from the Bermuda family – Zoysia sod carries all the great properties of common Bermuda. Zoysia is an extremely hearty sod that does well in dry stressful conditions but prefers a regular watering schedule.
  5. Zoysia Sod is perfect for high foot traffic areas – Zoysia sod is great for areas of your yard that receive extra foot traffic from pets and children.

For more information about zoysia sod visit. QuantumSod.com

For current zoysia sod pricing call 918.928.2631

Live in Tulsa? Learn more about zoysia sod on Pinterest.


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